Marichen Mortimer & Associates - Corporate Creativity Workshops & Small team building Creative Workshops - team building with creativity takes people away from the left-brained goals into a solution-finding right-brained frame of mind.


Creativity workshops are great to help any team de-stress and bond at the same time and work well as either a stand-alone workshop or as part of a structured creative team building journey, or to help "unlock creativity" before the start of a strategic planning session.

We playfully call our team building with creativity workshop: "Unleashing the Inner Picasso" and it is important to note that no prior experience of any kind is required. Marichen facilitates this process by guiding participants in a creative exercise where they draw and/or paint following certain specifications (even if you can barely draw a stick man you can do this). The drawings can then be interpreted as part of a self-awareness exercise and to the depth required by the client organization.

This workshop lasts half a day and can be held at the client's premises or another venue (travel, creative material and venue costs for clients account over and above facilitiation costs).

We build creative teams of up to 10 people, or between 11-20 people - depending on how big the team is you need to guide towards reaching a common goal more creatively.

Marichen's creativity workshop facilitiation skills have been honed over many years with many corporate clients and smaller teams.

"My soul's reverence for creation increases every time I behold the miracle of a sunset or the beauty of the moon." - Mahatma Gandhi