Marichen Mortimer & Associates work with team leaders and managers in a structured Leaderhip Programme to better build critical leadership skills.


MM&A's Leadership Development Programme aims to provide team leaders, managers and business owners at all levels of an organisation with the necessary know-how to successfully apply leadership abilities to their current environments. The programme is available to corporate groups as a stand-alone course or as part of a longer 3-module Advanced Leadership Development journey; or to individuals via a specially structured coaching process.

Leadership is a choice and all leadership starts with Self Leadership. This course builds on that and covers the following success factors & topics:

  • Discovering your inner context
  • Moving from intent to action
  • Working with your team
  • The impact and power of choice
  • Effective conflict management
  • Managing yourself with impact
  • Resilience
  • Towards a well-performing team

The course duration depends on the level of leadership transformation required by the individual or company and is typically 2 days plus an additional 2 one-on-one leadership coaching per participant.


See what Marichen has to share about the critical need for leadership development. She has a free gift for you at the end of the video!

"Thank you for the two days well spent last week. Like I said, I have been to many courses in the bank and the uniqueness about your style is that you are very practical and use your own real life experiences which makes learning much easier. You compliment your style with very powerful theoretical material which talks to one's inner person and provokes positive change." - Itai Motsi, Divisional Executive, Business Bank