Marichen Mortimer & Associates work with individuals, teams & corporates to help individuals with self-leadership development, coaching and tranformation required for leadership development and building high performance teams.


With our decades of expertise in helping individuals and teams (including large corporates all over Africa) with executive coaching, self-leadership, leadership development and team building of high performance teams, Marichen Mortimer & Associates (MM&A) are equipped to bring transformation akin to alchemy.

Underpinning MM&A's development in these areas is a foundation of holistic wellness of the individual and the organisation. We define wellness as the holistic blend and interdependence of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental wellbeing. Continuously choosing personal commitment and taking responsibility for a life-long journey is required.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Start your success journey today with self leadership, leadership development or building high performance teams within your organisation; we have structured programmes and journeys to suit your needs.

Marichen Mortimer - experience, skill & energy:

  • An alchemist who brings out the best in people
  • Successful Programmes delivered Nationally & Internationally
  • Masters in Business Leadership (MBL, UNISA)
  • Master Coach (IMCSA)
  • Chartered Director (CD (SA))
  • Accredited Enneagram Practitioner, Qualified Yoga Teacher & Laughter Therapist
  • 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders award by CHRO Asia


Organisations are made up of individuals - individual self-leadership & -development leads to success for both. We can tailor customer care, successful selling & change management programs to suit you. Our Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Call Center Training programmes are all popular.


In addition to our structured Leadership Development for Success Programme, we offer individual coaching, executive coaching and coaching supervision to establish leadership development momentum in an organisation. We help identify potential leaders and we help hone leadership skills up to executive level.


The team building required for high performance teams (corporate or otherwise) requires an artful, scientific, structured journey. In addition to our bespoke Team Building Programme, we also offer short Creative Thinking or Laughter workshops, Corporate Facilitation and Employee Wellness programmes.

"Marichen Mortimer is a seasoned facilitator and a professional coach who has exceptional leadership, executive coaching and mentoring skills. Through her leadership, the programmes she facilitated with the CSIR and the partners, stakeholders achieved the intended outcomes and excellent relationships. I had a friend, coach, mentor, facilitator, and a leader in her. The journey travelled was worthwhile because of her and a lot of possibilities were created." - Joseph Tshikomba