Marichen Mortimer & Associates - Executive Coaching of leaders, coaching of business owners and individuals - a structured process to help you consciously achieve your goals.


As an internationally qualified Master Coach and Coaching Supervisor, Marichen offers individual, leadership and executive coaching on an ongoing one-on-one basis.

Professional coaching is a performance partnership to support you in achieving any goals or dreams you desire. It helps you identify and overcome the barriers that stand between you and achieving your goals. The essence of coaching is about empowering a person to get into the habit of being in creation and taking full responsibility for achievements, versus simply reacting to circumstances. It keeps one focused and on track. On a deeper level, coaching is about shifting the collective conditioning of our stories of 'why not'; the reasons, excuses, justifications and denial we cling to about where we are with our lives. In a coaching partnership, the focus is on the journey you are creating and the joy of being in action.

No matter what goals, dreams or intentions you have, Consciousness Coaching® can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your Self. Consciousness Coaching® includes Awareness Creation: each session brings a mini training session designed for greater insight into how you create the life you love to live, make more informed choices and to be fully empowered to tackle any dream that makes your soul smile.


Apart from offering Individual & Executive Coaching, Marichen Mortimer also offers coaching supervision to help support and guide the work of an organisation's internal coaches. This creates a powerful leverage effect as more effective coaches result in a vastly more effective and happy work-force.

ICF defines Coaching Supervision as "the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients."

As a qualified Master Coach, Marichen currently engages with coaches across a variety of organisations to provide coaching supervision that enables coaches to excel and to continuously improve their coaching practices. Coaching consulting is an often untapped resource for helping an organisation to transform into its best version.

"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Marichen. I had 2 major goals: to improve my Presence and Influence, and to also to get insight into the key skills that the Executive managers of a business should be proficient in. Marichen gave really practical insights and tips which I have applied and from which I could see a direct impact as a result. Marichen also went the extra mile to create an opportunity for me to interact with Executive managers from various businesses to observe and test different techniques with the aim to improve my Presence and Influence. I really enjoyed the energy that Marichen brought to each session and also the fresh perspectives that she introduced into our discussions. I would definitely recommend Marichen for a coach if you are ever looking for a good one." - Francois de Jager, Senior Manager, Hollard

The Role of the Coach

The coach co-partners with the coachee in conversation to create the results the coachee wishes to achieve, using specific communication skills and questioning techniques to allow the coachee to discover new possibilities, resolutions, insights and decisions. It intends to:

  • Practice astute listening to gain a full understanding of the individual's circumstances
  • Be a sounding board for thoughtful planning and decision making
  • Encourage, challenge and stretch the coachee in accordance with personal strengths and aspirations
  • Challenge blind spots of the coachee in order to highlight new possibilities
  • Maintain professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality and adhere to the coaching profession's code of ethics

The Coaching Process

It starts with an assessment of the client's needs, followed by contracting and agreeing coaching objectives, with absolute commitment from the client to achieve goals and to meet coaching milestones.

The coaching sessions follow to ensure the client progresses and performance development is measured regularly to establish coaching effectiveness.

Re-assessment follows to determine coaching success and continuation where required.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Strengthened confidence
  • Focused future vision
  • Targets reached
  • Improved relationships
  • Better communication
  • Willingness and desire for individual growth and development
  • Job satisfaction & increased sense of loyalty
"Thank you Marichen for the journey that you walked with me. You made me realise just how powerful I am and can be. By setting goals – sometimes even daunting ones – I was able to realise the real me, and what potential I have. Thank you for believing in me and for stretching me. I have achieved more these past 6 months than what I had achieved in many years. I also now have far more confidence to try out new things, and if it's not for me, that's ok. My outlook is also now far more balanced – as I now focus on mental, spiritual and physical commitments. I can now trust my heart. I can be bold. I have taken back my power. The way you have worked with me and connected with me will always be very special to me. Thank you." - Christelle van Staden, Division head, Nedbank