Marichen Mortimer & Associates - EQ Training and Emotional Quotient Course to help individuals improve their emotional skills.


MM&A's Emotional Intelligence Course helps teach the non-cognitive skills and competencies which we need to successfully communicate with people in our everyday lives, including our working relationships. Such insight allows us to manage our own emotions and to read others' emotional states, which can help us guide our thinking and actions.

This EQ Programme covers the interpersonal as well as intrapersonal aspects to assist the individual to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of his/her leadership style, communication behaviours and how to make the necessary adjustments needed for their work and/or personal environments. The EQ Course covers:

  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Interpersonal skills (self-awareness and self-expression)
  • Intrapersonal skills (social awareness and interaction)
  • Emotional management and control
  • Change management
  • Self-motivation
"I'm at a Tutu fellowship this week and at the start they told us that we'd do some self-leadership exercises using transactional leadership. We've done very deep work and even more gamefied exercises that are reaching me. A lot of it is very emotional, but thanks to the work that you did with our Exco members, I'm more open to the learning, I'm more generous when sharing and also able to better hold space for those around me." - Babalwa Nonkenge


A bespoke tool sometimes used during the EQ Course as appropriate, this beautiful and deeply tranformational set of cards developed by Marichen is used during the Emotional Intelligence Course, as part of self-reflection, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching or Team Building programmes. Correctly used, it helps get to the heart of an issue faster, and to resolve it quicker. EQ in a box!

Please see below for an introduction of the cards, followed by a few longer video illustrations of it being used in an individual setting, a 1:1 coaching session and a longer video illustrating it in a team setting. The time needed to watch is worth it to get an in-depth perspective!

Introduction to using Emotional Empowerment Cards (00:57):

1:1 Coaching (04:42):

Small Business Coaching (5:52):

Leadership Self-reading (04:57):

Team Reading (15:47):

EQ in a box!

As the videos hopefully illustrated for you, the cards help to "bypass" the more logical side of our brains, to tap into the more intuitive side that can help us hone in on the solution faster.

If you are on a self-leadership or team building journey, these cards can help encourage easy conversations that can bring huge breakthroughs.

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"Thank you! Assisting me in self-belief and worth helped me to start sharing my experiences. The feedback received from my collegues was a mind blowing and humbling experience. This made me realize that I have so much more to give in life and people truly appreciate honest opinions. As a person with a lot of trust and over achiever issues in my personal life, Marichen managed to assist unpacking these and deal with them on a day to day basis. The realization after various self-reflections is life changing and made me a better Mother and Wife figure in my relationships. Unpacking these challenges and giving me the tools to work through each of these constructively. I will continue practicing these new techniques and practices in every given situation. If I can test and trial the tools and techniques provided, I will remain relevant and be an inspiring leader. An awesome learning experience which will remain with me in my professional and private life. Thank you Marichen - for giving me the opportunity to learn how to become a more self-assured and emotionally equipped leader with broader insight. - Therese Viljoen, Head: Retail Credit Lending, ABSA, 2021