Marichen Mortimer & Associates - EQ Training and Emotional Quotient Course to help individuals improve their emotional skills.


MM&A's Emotional Intelligence Course helps teach the non-cognitive skills and competencies which we need to successfully communicate with people in our everyday lives, including our working relationships. Such insight allows us to manage our own emotions and to read others' emotional states, which can help us guide our thinking and actions.

This EQ Programme covers the interpersonal as well as intrapersonal aspects to assist the individual to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of his/her leadership style, communication behaviours and how to make the necessary adjustments needed for their work and/or personal environments. The EQ Course covers:

  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Interpersonal skills (self-awareness and self-expression)
  • Intrapersonal skills (social awareness and interaction)
  • Emotional management and control
  • Change management
  • Self-motivation
"I'm at a Tutu fellowship this week and at the start they told us that we'd do some self-leadership exercises using transactional leadership. We've done very deep work and even more gamefied exercises that are reaching me. A lot of it is very emotional, but thanks to the work that you did with our Exco members, I'm more open to the learning, I'm more generous when sharing and also able to better hold space for those around me." - Babalwa Nonkenge