Tools for self-care, self-development, self-leadership and personality tests and journeys.


Marichen Mortimer offers various self development support and self-care tools for individuals interested in self-help leadership development. Apart from a formal Self-Leadership Programme employed by corporates intent on developing their leadership, Marichen applies her internationally acclaimed Master Coach training to offer individual coaching for personal development, interpersonal skills and career advancement.

For people wanting to develop leadership skills by themselves, there are various tools, personality tests, books, leadership cards and exercises that can help a person wanting to self-lead to greatness.

We use many of these tools in our corporate work as appropriate and they are generally included in our longer journeys (year or longer). Please contact Marichen to find out more about what could be useful for yourself or for your organisation.

Take a look at our most popular tools below:

Self-help Book on Self-leadership for success.


Achieving Success through a Strategic Journey of Self-Mastery - by Marichen Mortimer. This physical book is popular with entrepreneurs and corporate leadership teams as it addresses questions such as:

  • Do you want to improve your work performance?
  • Do you suffer from work stress and burnout?
  • Do you suffer from low energy levels?
  • Do your struggle with lack of motivation?
  • Do you need to improve your decision making?
  • Do you wish to improve all your relationships?
Guided Breathing is a powerful way to calm, center & focus ourselves fast.


As a qualified Yoga Teacher, Laughter Therapist, Clinical Massage Therapist and having completed metaphysical studies with Dr le Roith, Marichen is keenly aware of the power of the breath to calm, center and focus us very quickly.

While previously seen as an alternative method, it has become a powerful and important tool in both self- and team-leadership. Marichen offers 3 free exercises:

  • Deep Abdominal Breathing
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Full Deep Breathing
Self care through professional guided meditation: The Art & Science of Relaxation


Marichen professionally recorded relaxation meditations in a set called "The Art & Science of Relaxation" aimed at relaxation, de-stressing, meditation and renewed focus, now a key self-care tool for both individuals and teams.

This is available as a downloadable album "The Art and Science of Relaxation" consisting of 2 Volumes:

  • Part 1 Tracks: Intro, Getting in touch, Letting Go, Revitalise, Inner peace, Close
  • Part 2 Tracks: Intro, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit, Close
  • Enjoy FREE sample Inner Peace track
A personal personality test plus subsequent coaching session to unpack and process for deeper insight.


This entails a personality test with immensely practical application: enabling accelerated self-development, offering unparalleled depth of insight into Enneagram types, personality, motivation & self-limiting beliefs. Understand yourself better to bring about personal growth, improved relationships and inner peace.

Unlock your inner power and true potential. It's a deep dive that can transform your life!


  • Completing the questionnaire takes about 50 min
  • Followed by an in-depth feedback & coaching session of about 1.5 hours (which can be in-person or remote).
Team personality testing - understand dynamics to build high performance teams


This entails a personality test of all team members (pricing depends on size of team) with immensely practical application: enabling accelerated self-development, offering unparalleled depth of insight into Enneagram types, personality, motivation & self-limiting beliefs.

Understanding team members and team dynamics bring about personal growth and is a key aspect of building high performance teams! This is a deep dive that can transform the effectiveness and cohesion of your team!


  • Completing the questionnaire takes about 50 min
  • Followed by Detailed Report for Leader & Team
Emotional Empowerment for Success - Card Pack for use by individuals or teams.


This beautiful pack of cards developed by Marichen in association with a psychologist, can be used by individuals or in a team setting. It works with the empowering aspects of any emotion.

While fun and a great tool for team building or ice-breakers, it is very powerful and can create tremendous breakthroughs in team- or individual self-development.

Draw a card at random and introspect by yourself or discuss in the team. Each card contains:

  • Exquisite art work
  • Exploration of a specific emotion
  • Growth Questions as practical guidance
Get your Ennegram directly, whether personal, professional or even a couples option


The Ennegram is so powerful in helping people attain breakthroughs, that you are welcome to get yours directly if you don't want to work with Marichen.

This does mean that you won't have her insights and coaching in guiding you on how to unpack it, but it is still well worth it!


"The Art & Science of Relaxation Audio Set is simply incredible. There is a track for every kind of stress trigger and the recording quality is professional. It was quick and easy to order, EFT and delivery was almost instant. I received it exactly when I needed it and it has become my go-to relaxation meditation set. Thank you!" - Ronel Pieterse, Business Owner