MM&A Corporate Services offered.


Marichen Mortimer and Associates has decades of experience to help support your corporate teams to implement strategy via structured corporate services and courses: Emotional Intelligence Course using bespoke tools and techniques, Stress Management Programme which can be extended to include an Employment Wellness programme and Guided Breathwork, and a powerful Self-Leadership Programme.

Each corporate course typically touches on elements of the other courses and can be customised to meet your team's unique needs. Support your teams to enable them to calmly and effectively implement the organisation's strategy and goals:

EQ Course by MM&A.


The MM&A Emotional Intelligence Course is available to teams or individuals and uses bespoke tools and techniques to teach the non-cognitive competencies that enhances inter-personal communication, the ability to read others' emotional states, garner support & foster effective team work.

Stress Management Programme by MMA.


An organisation's ROI is hugely improved by teaching team members to sustainably manage their stress, thereby overcoming physical, mental and emotional dysfunctions that come from suppressed or misdirected stress. Stress is a given and if unmanaged, can cause massive corporate losses.

Self-Leadership Course programme by MM&A.


MM&A's Self-Leadership Programme equips individuals with self-awareness & -management skills to flourish in challenging environments. It is offered as a stand-alone course (2-3 days plus 2x one-on-one coaching per person) or part of a 3-module Advanced Leadership Development journey.

"Marichen, you have honestly changed the course of my life with this journey. The amount of growth that I have seen in myself on a personal and professional level is unmeasurable. The one thing I love about our sessions is the ability you have to put a mirror to me to search within self to navigate through my leadership challenges. I am a better leader today because of this process. Thank you thank you thank you." - Nana Tladi, Manager: Governance, Policy and MI, ABSA