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Success through Wellness: Employee Wellness Programmes have shifted from being a "nice to have" to being considered a strategic imperative. There is a growing body of published evidence showing that well-designed, strategically deployed and carefully evaluated wellness programmes do indeed make good business sense for all organisations.

Healthy and productively engaged employees cost less. Businesses with highly effective wellness strategies and programmes can reverse the trend of exponential increases in absenteeism and medical expenses.

Benefits of a well-designed wellness programme include:

  • A decrease in direct medical costs
  • Lower rates of unplanned absences
  • Lower rates of worker's compensation and disability
  • Improved effectiveness on the job
  • Improved worker morale and loyalty to the company

Research has shown that employees with poorly managed conditions, such as hypertension, depression, low-back pain and asthma, have lower concentration in the workplace. The costs of lost productivity due to these types of common conditions often dwarf those of direct medical costs.

Good health equals good business. Do not let your company lag behind your competitors!


The goal of a corporate wellness programme is to assist people in adopting positive behaviors to lead healthier lives and integrate social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness holistically. Such programmes include physical and lifestyle assessments, health education, lifestyle coaching and creation of healthy habits to enhance behavioural change. Lifestyle choices relate to self-leadership, physical activity, emotional intelligence, nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, as well as chronic disease management for those living with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure. Individual progress is charted.

Success factors of a Strategic Wellness Programme:

  • Multi-Level management support - Top executives should actively endorse and participate and all levels of management should "walk the talk"
  • Wellness programme goals - progress can only be measured against clear goals which should include process and outcome measurement
  • A powerful communications strategy - tailor-fit message about the programme across multiple channels such that employees feel they are valued
  • A Wellness Committee - an interdisciplinary, empowered committee whose members share the goals of the programme with enthusiasm, meet regularly and act as wellness champions
  • Accessibility - health assessments and customized interventions readily accessible to employees via training, on-site events like wellness days, web-based tools and in-person or phone-based wellness coaching.
  • Workplace environment - determine if the physical work space is a healthy place to work in and offer an environment and challenges that stimulate healthy habits
  • Participation and feedback - measure and report on participation rates & garner personal feedback from participants and use their personal examples

Wellness is a strategic business imperative that should be leveraged to improve the health and performance of your company; truly bringing success through wellness.

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes." - Benjamin Disraeli