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This beautiful and deeply tranformational set of cards was developed by Marichen to be used during self-reflection, 1:1 coaching or group coaching / team development to help get to the heart of an issue faster, and to resolve it quicker. EQ in a box!

Please see below for an introduction on how the cards work, followed by a few longer video illustrations of it being used in an individual setting, a 1:1 coaching session and a longer video illustrating it in a team setting.

Introduction to using Emotional Empowerment Cards (01:03):

1:1 Coaching with Emotional Empowerment Cards (04:50):

Small Business Coaching with Emotional Empowerment Cards (4:49):

Leadership Self-reading with Emotional Empowerment Cards (05:05):

Team Reading with Emotional Empowerment Cards (12:35):

EQ in a box!

As the videos hopefully illustrated for you, the cards help to "bypass" the more logical side of our brains, to tap into the more intuitive side that can help us hone in on the solution faster.

If you are on a journey of developing self-leadership, or if you are building a high performance team, these cards can help encourage easy conversations that can bring huge breakthroughs.